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Who We Are

man.gif (571 bytes) Dr. Terry Mellon, Founder
Terry is a software engineer with experience as a mainframe computer operator, an application programmer, a systems programmer, an operations supervisor, a consultant, and as an international trainer.  Dr. Mellon also taught computer science at the university level for ten years.
Terry's main focus is on system architecture, process, and analysis and design.

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man.gif (571 bytes) Dr. Harry Koehnemann
Harry is an Associate Professor in the Division of Computing Studies at Arizona State University where he performs research and teaching in the areas of distributed software systems, software process, and network-enabled embedded devices.
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girl.gif (615 bytes) Jane Fastiggi, Software Engineer
Jane is a software developer with experience as an application system developer, consultant, course developer, and trainer.
Jane's main focus is on programming, in C++ and Java.

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cat.gif (610 bytes) Boris Catanov, Inspiration
Yes, there really is a Boris the cat.  He serves as inspiration for all aspects of the business, from web page design to course exercises and examples.
Boris's main focus is on talking, eating, and sleeping.

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